Launched in May 2019, created by founder and designer Maddison Loos. Reve is a brand for the woman who knows what she wants. The woman who spends her life between coffee-fuelled meetings, airports and a wedding to attend every second weekend. For the woman who wears chunky hoop earrings, who rides up her skirt to let the sun kiss her legs en terrasse, who drinks rose and eats steak frittes, who always has a full diary, who avoids trends, who cherishes beautiful prints, who is loyal to supreme fit and immaculate finishes, and who isn’t afraid to wear the same navy slip dress time after time because she knows she looks bloody great in it. Below is the final campaign edit of the brand’s very first 8-piece collection. The collection of sleeveless shirts, accentuated waists, and inspired prints. Designed and constructed with a strongly feminine state of mind and a little Parisian influence exclusively by Reve the Label, especially for you.